About Us

This site was developed by an independent agent who worked with a nationally recognized insurance company for over nineteen years. This company focused its attention on customer satisfaction, but had above average premium levels.

As a result of that experience, and my involvement in that environment for over nineteen years, I felt that a website that focused on enhanced customer satisfaction, and fair or equitable, or approachable premiums levels for a large segment of the population would be an ideal way to build a business which helped protect families and their possessions.

Therefore, I have developed this site with that theme in mind. To create a source that will give a fair premium to each person who visits this site, to provide an enhanced customer experience when dealing with the carrier represented, and to build a business that considers integrity, honesty, reasonable premiums, and customers loyalty as the building blocks for creating a successful business.

Therefore, you will find a straight forward approach in terms of the discussion about each product represented by this agency, we will try to make this site easy for anyone to navigate, and direct each potential client to the appropriate product for their needs.

We are licensed to sell term life insurance, and fixed annuity products in Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, and Term Life in New York, as well, through our network of top rated carriers.

Give this site a review, test the links to the carriers represented by the site, and do not feel obligated by the quotes, or bound by an application that has been initially completed. Review the carrier that we represent to see that our list of companies are highly rated by all of the prominent rating services.

Once a quote is completed, you may apply online for health insurance through our secure system.

Again, give the site a test drive; we will certainly try to live-up to the higher standards we have set for our business. Thank you.

Mission Statement

Dedicated to offering our clients the best rate for their money. Promise to provide back ground information for health, and sources of information so clients can make an intelligent decision.

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